Heritage Day market, and lavender from Laura

Yesterday was FANTASTIC. It was Heritage Day in South Africa, which = public holiday, and = the Heritage Day market at Homestead Park in Oranjezicht (also the home of the Oranjezicht City Farm). I always get a bit nervous before markets – I worry about the weather, and I worry that people won’t like my stuff. But the weather was perfect, and I turned more people into customers than ever before!

markets 003


The kits got great feedback and I sold three, and some people wanted to buy the items I’d made for display, to show what you would make with the kits. Next market is on Sunday at Kirstenbosch, so guess who’ll be whipping up headbands…

markets 005

Unfortunately the success of the day (which was also long), kind of wiped me out – I got home around 5pm, unloaded the car, took a headache tablet, and lay down – only to wake up at 6.35 this morning. Wow, over 12 hours of sleep. OFFICIALLY KNACKERED.

On the spoilt side of things, I just received this charming lavender sachet from Laura in the UK at Cute as a Button.  Hand-crocheted and stuffed with lavender (from her own garden), it now hangs on the bedpost closest to my pillow so I can smell it as I read at night.


It was also serendipitous to have it there this morning – I woke to the smell of cat “toilet”, so I quickly squeezed the sachet a few times to release stronger scent before having to face whatever had been done in my bedroom. (Thank you, Laura, it helped a lot!)  It would seem that Jessie has become too fat (there’s no other word for it, rotund or stocky or cuddly just won’t cut it) to get through the window at night, and she clearly had an accident. Sigh.

Back soon x

26 thoughts on “Heritage Day market, and lavender from Laura

  1. tgonzales


    I’m so glad that your crochet was well received and it’s fun hearing that your kits were popular as well. I’m so sorry that you had a headache but it sounds like you needed some rest. The pig hat is adorable up top of that baby’s head. :) I also love the smell of sweet lavendar. Love, Tamara

  2. giftsfrommt

    Glad to hear your day went well :) I have some markets myself this weekend. Hope they go as well as yours did. And I agree with you… A day long event like that will take a lot out of you. I’m always exhausted when I get home.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Oh good luck, have fun! I enjoy markets as well, some more than others, obviously, but even when it’s a quiet day (and we’ve all had those, hoo ya) it’s a good opportunity to network and get feedback.

  3. yarnchick40

    YAY!!! Except for the part about Jessie – she needs to cut that $h!t out! But if you find a cat diet/exercise routine that works, please clue me in. Lexi is roughly the size and shape of an over-inflated football and I’m really starting to worry about her health. Congrats on your success. xox

  4. now at home mom

    your pig hat looks great on top of the baby’s head; too cute! so happy things went really well for you and sorry that you were so exhausted but I guess your body needed some well deserved rest :-) & poor cat that had a small accident in your room at least the smell of lavender helped a bit with that! :-) congrats again on how well it went for you at the heritage day market!


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