something else with lids

Taking a short break from hats. Phew.

I did something with lids and coasters some time back and still have a stack of tin lids for recycling. I was thinking tree decorations?

lid 123

lid 124

lid 125

I just made up some circles and kept changing the colours, although you could adapt a nice coaster pattern (like the one Janette used here:


tree decs 1

Back soon x


23 thoughts on “something else with lids

      1. Nice piece of work Post author

        hahaha sorry, I’m being stupid. Should have thought. Yes, I think you’re right about Janette’s bunnies’ tummies, but I can’t check because the one I made lives on Rob’s bedside table. Which is different to my bedside table. :-)

  1. now at home mom

    they are so pretty and love how you hang them on the tree, they would look great in a Christmas tree for sure or frame them in square frames so they can pop up they would be a good addition to an existing gallery wall too :-)

  2. onoodlesstitchcraft

    Just lovely! I like the fact that you are using the lids to give the motifs shape. That is better than spray starch! Love the colours too. Also the love the way you have displayed them and that is the word for today…LOVE xxx

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Hi doll. Yes, you do have a crappy tin opener. You can cover the sharp edges with little bits of electrical duct tape. Or any tape, really.

      I HAD one that gave me a perfectly smooth cut-off, I think it gripped the tin on the side just under the lid, but it went rabid and Rob made me throw it out recently. Now I have a crappy one, like you. I do the tape thing. I also experimented with paper and glue, but that got messy and took too long to dry. I don’t have time to wait for glue to dry these days!


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