Day Three at the Waterfront

Day Three was yesterday, Sunday, and it was AMAZEBALLS (as Lisa would say).

I’m loving being at the Waterfront, interacting with customers, and chatting to the other vendors.

red shed 009

My favourite new friends are the little band of tailors at Tidy Tucs, just across the way from me.  A steady (and I mean steady) flow of customers keeps them busy twelve hours a day, and they are always pleasant and efficient and sweet.  The lead singer, Ritesh, is about 26 or 27, and moved to South Africa from Pakistan seven years ago. He says he loves this country and the opportunities it has given him.  He tells me he’s on the market for a wife. He watches cricket on his DStv Walker which is presticked to the wall next to his steam press. He made some extremely helpful suggestions about my display yesterday and, after I’d made the changes, three customers in a row bought a pair of slippers. We high-fived six times (once for each slipper!)

Ritesh is in business with two of his uncles. An older man came by to visit and, when he’d left, I asked if that was one of them. No, he said, but also yes, because in a vay everyone’s my uncle. But vat I really vant is father-in-law. You have daughter?  

Back soon x


25 thoughts on “Day Three at the Waterfront

  1. onoodlesstitchcraft

    Brilliant to hear it is going well for you. Sounds exhausting to me! I love the sign and am thinking I may ‘magpie’ that idea for ONOODLES if you don’t mind? The vision of you stuffing your bra with money made me chuckle! Who needs a boob job!!

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Magpie to your heart’s desire. I didn’t do it very well, actually, and ended up sticking the corners together with a glue gun then had to stick buttons on top to hide the untidy bits. But only you and I know that. :-)

  2. tgonzales

    Hi Jill! I’m so glad that your third day went well at the market and I always love making new friends with the vendors close to you. Wow, I can’t wait to hear what the man suggested that you do with your display; please share. Love and Hugs, Tamara

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Funnily enough, it wasn’t anything that I don’t already do at the monthly markets, but it hadn’t occurred to me that it would be useful in this context, which is pretty upmarket and very tourist-orientated. He said that the prices of my products are very reasonable in comparison to everything else at the Waterfront – where people automatically expect everything to be very expensive. So I propped up a few little blackboards with the prices written large – people don’t have to grapple for the price tag, or ask, and they whip out their little foreign-currency calculators immediately. Then they buy. Simple. Yesterday the honours went to Singapore and the Yoonited States!!!

  3. Kathryn Rubidoux

    Wow, so you really CAN find anything at the Waterfront Market! lol Did you mortify Alex by telling her you found her a husband?

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Amazeballs. Can’t get that word out of my head now. Sigh.
      Smash hit? Not as much as Rocky Horror, but everything’s relative and, for me, this is a pretty wonderful opportunity for exposure. And if I only sell two or three items in a day, it’s 2 or 3 more than if I’d stayed home weeding the garden and doing the laundry. (Ok, I never weed the garden and don’t iron, either, but you know what I mean). When there are no customers, I work on the orders I have (for mitts) and make more items for the next Kirstenbosch Market, so no time is wasted. Please don’t think I’m going to be putting down a deposit on a Ferrari any day soon…. !!! :-) xxx

      1. yarnchick40

        I was sooo jealous to hear you were going to Rocky ~ OMG it had to be fabulous :) Love that show! We used to go to the midnight movies to see it when I was a teen.
        We will have to come up with a new word for you soon…I’ll get right on that!
        And even if you are still *stuck* with a(n adorable) Mini, drive it like ya stole it, cuz you’re on fire girl!

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