and for my next trick…

The set-up for the Cape Gift Market in Sea Point was today. And, despite one or two setbacks and a throat infection, I was there! On time! Smile on face! Goodies in tow! Here are some general setting-up shots:






Yep, that’s my table – the one with the un-ironed cloth.  Typical.

I could see from what had already been set up that this was going to be a first-class market in terms of quality and variety.  And as for the organisers – the lovely and efficient ladies of the Gereformeerde Kerk Kaapstad – well, they are just amazing.  They’d even arranged tea, coffee and sandwiches for the duration of the set-up (7 hours).  You can’t top that, in my book.

sea point

It opens tomorrow and runs until the 7th of December. If you’re in Cape Town, try hard to get there. And if you’re not in Cape Town, why not try anyway?

And now, I bid you goodnight, as I take my sore throat and tired legs to bed.  Back soon x

18 thoughts on “and for my next trick…

  1. Patch

    Wow, you are bouncing from one thing to another. So exciting and no doubt hard work. Dr Patch prescribes a hot toddy and an early night. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Jane

    Jill, your table looks fantastic! Very eye-catching, and hopefully dollar-catching too! Hope you feel better. Gargle with salt water. Yuk! But it works. xxx

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      been gargling, who can say if it helped or not, but certainly can’t have made things worse. Took the day “off’ today and stayed home, Rob did grocery shopping and cooking, so I feeling rested. :-)

  3. Gail

    Looks wonderful, Jill, you have inspired me to be organised next year with my sewing goodies. I’ll hopefully visit the gift market with my sister. Maybe gargle with a few drops of Tea Tree oil in warm water. Tastes ghastly but works really well. xxx

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Thanks, Gail, I’ve been gargling with salt water so far. I can’t say I’m feeling well but maybe if I hadn’t been gargling I’d be worse. Who knows. Ah well, it’s not life-threatening. I’ll see if I can find some tea tree at the waterfront later, I’m there til late again


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