suggestions please

Eunice made me a hat. Feels like hat heaven – soft and warm but not heavy, just the right amount of slouch from the side, not so much drag that the top of my head gets flattened out, a perfectly gentle grip that keeps it from slipping and sliding…

shell hat 1       shell hat 4

And in cranberry, one of my favourite colours.

shell hat 7      shell hat 5 shell hat 6

Alex says it looks like a shell. Rob says he can’t believe it’s crochet. There is no pattern — Eunice makes them out of her head – but I’m going to sit her down with a cup of rooibos next time she visits and force her to show me how to do it.  Then we’re gonna make hundreds…

In the meantime, the hat needs a name.  All suggestions considered. The sender of the name we like the best will receive one of these cuties in a colour of her/his choice (wherever in the world).


22 thoughts on “suggestions please

  1. Crochet Missy

    Meringue was my first thought also. Closely followed by marshmallow. I am not sure the name captures how great it is though. Talented lady, you will certainly need to sit her down for a pattern.

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