and now for something completely different

So, here’s my news:  The Carpenter’s Shop in Cape Town has a new Marketing Manager. And it’s me.  I start officially in January (but actually I’ve already started …because there’re a thousand things to do, and because I can’t wait!)

The Carpenter’s Shop is a non-profit, public-benefit organisation that offers rehabilitation services, training and accommodation to people in need so that they can re-integrate into society.  It is committed to providing academically-disadvantaged people with skills that will help them achieve independence.

The Carpenter's Shop premises at 14a Roeland Street, Cape Town

The Carpenter’s Shop premises at 14a Roeland Street, Cape Town (you can just catch sight of the cable car station at the top of Table Mountain in the background)

After a 3-month training period, the trainees are already producing awesome wooden items from bookcases, wine crates and shelving to breadboards, benches and storage boxes.  This is where I come in.

wine boxes. or juice. nah, wine.

wine boxes. or juice bottles? nah, wine.

mezze boards

bread boards

awesome branding




crates and stool

Yes, there’s a Plan. Yes, I’m excited. Yes, I’m totally going to love this challenge, and working with the amazing people I’ve met there.

And in case you were wondering, this blog – Nice Piece of Work – will not be about The Carpenter’s Shop  (Nice Piece of Work will always be ONLY ABOUT ME,  heh!)   TCS will have its own blog very shortly, which I am of course hoping you will all be interested in subscribing to…

And in the meantime, for more information, please check out the TCS facebook page and the website.

Back soon x

19 thoughts on “and now for something completely different

  1. Tina Nel

    Wonderful news! And so happy to hear you are so excited about it. You’d better fit in a visit to me before you start as I am sure you are going to throw yourself into it once you start officially.


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