RIP Madiba


I am filled with sadness today, even though in some ways we lost this amazing man months ago.  But I am also filled with gratitude and hope, for what he showed us we are all capable of.

My friend Lara summed it up perfectly:  “He carried so bright a light, I hope we honour him by keeping it burning, each of us, with just a spark of his integrity, commitment, decency, humility and true compassion for all.”

RIP Madiba.


16 thoughts on “RIP Madiba

  1. Kathryn Rubidoux

    I thought of you when they announced his death on the news. The world lost a very great man, his was a Light unrivaled. My condolences.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Lara just posted this comment, the truth of which is so enormous that it’s almost too hard to grasp:

      “So much happening in one lifetime. I remember the first time I sang Nkosi Sikeleli Afrika, on UCT campus in an End Conscription Campaign meeting in the ’80s, a little fearful of being ‘illegal’, having to read the words from a printed sheet .. and now my sons are singing it in the livingroom watching the news of Mandela’s death – they know every word. We would never have got here without Mandela.”

      She’s right. We really wouldn’t be here like this without him.

  2. katechiconi

    Down here in Australia, we heard the news a little earlier, when the rest of the world was mostly asleep. Nkosi sikilel’ iAfrika indeed, she’s lost a voice of moderation, of forgiveness and of hope, and she needs our prayers now. It’s strange, but I feel he had a message for everyone, even though first and foremost, he was yours…

  3. Patch

    I heard this news last night before I went to bed. I thought of you too. He was an amazing inspirational man, but what I like best is that at the same time as being amazing and inspiring he was incredibly normal, if you see what I mean.

  4. Olga

    I’m so sorry… I thought of you when they announced his death yesterday here, in Brasil. He is a great man, a wonderful person. I”m sorry for South Africa’s loss, for World’s loss. Hugs from Olga.


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