How to turn a crochet flower into a brooch

To attach a brooch pin to the back of a flower:

You need a needle, thread and a brooch pin (available in bead and habby shops).

brooch 1

Leaving one long end free, weave all the other ends of the yarn neatly into the back of the flower and snip off.



Thread the needle with the long end of yarn and run it under a few stitches towards the centre of the flower, where you want the pin to be.

If your flower doesn’t have a loose long end that you can use to attach the pin, cut a length of yarn in a similar colour and use that instead.  Start by working a few stitches into the back to anchor the yarn.


Open the brooch pin, hold it in the position you want, and stitch through each of the three holes in the bar. Be careful not to stab yourself. I do this frequently.



Stitch through the other side of the bar as well, then weave in the loose thread. Snip off all loose ends.


I like to dab on a bit of clear nail polish or a tiny bit of fray-check or craft glue, just for safety’s sake.

And, as they say in France, walla!

17 thoughts on “How to turn a crochet flower into a brooch

  1. thecraftypioneer

    Have just picked up my crochet hook again and now have to re-learn everything AGAIN but have started a baby bootie (for no particular reason other than they are cute) so wish me luck!

  2. gentlestitches

    Flower broaches are very popular here! Great idea! The pin makes it look more complete and makes a great gift or sale item. :-)

  3. Maryanne

    Love it! We need posts like this to remind us (and when I say “we” and “us”, I obviously mean “me”) that these great & pretty things are not at all intimidating…unless of course, you just made it look so easy. Damn!

  4. roma1912

    Many thanks for sharing, this is going to be my next project, and this is the best tutorial I’ve found :-)


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