me and my camera

Saturday morning at the Country Craft Market in Somerset West was my first market of the year.  I haven’t been a vendor there for very long, and yet these mornings it feels like it’s going to visit friends! There are so many people there who are already special to me, I thought I’d share some pics:




bag heaven


more bag heaven. The fabric on this one is actually lime but my pic is lousy. I am still hankering after this one!

Theresa of Theresa Jane Textiles creates the most stunning bags and cushions from all kinds of bits and pieces, and puts them together like a professional.  My heart said Buy all the bags Buy all the bags, but I had to listen to my head (which keeps tabs on my finances) so I restrained myself and bought just one shoulder bag, which is now my Official Market Money Bag.


Me with my new bag

Sipiwe makes and sells ceramic items, always a winner with tourists

Sipiwe and his vibrant ceramics

Sipiwe designs and makes his own ceramic pieces, and I can assure you that it’s not only tourists who line up to buy them.

Michelle from Baillie and Kovar Design. She and her partner Malcolm have such an original take on recycled wood and tiles that market organisers and retailers approach them – for the rest of us, it’s the other way around!

Kerstin of Manor House Alpaca in Franschhoek. I've never met anyone with the kind of energy this girl has, also separate blog post coming up soon.

Kerstin of Manor House Alpaca in Franschhoek. I’ve never met anyone with the kind of energy this girl has, a whole post devoted to her is coming up soon.

Daniel, Kerstin's 6-month old baby. The happiest chap I ever did meet!

Daniel, Kerstin’s 6-month old baby. The happiest chap I ever did meet!

Alpaca - drool.....

Alpaca – drool…..

dolls clothes

Lee, the lovely lady with the doll’s clothes, who also happens to be related to a big pal of mine, Coral-Leigh. Talented and entrepreneurial family, this lot.

walking sticks

Uncle Bob’s walking sticks.

Uncle Bob is a cornerstone of the Country Craft Market and, despite his love of chatting and telling jokes, he refused to have his photo taken. Nee, my skat, daai kamera lens gaan breek! (No, my dear, that camera lens will crack)

In other news, I’m busy with the new blog for The Carpenter’s Shop. If any of you lovely readers feel like popping over, it’s here, and we would certainly welcome some followers. Nudge nudge.

Back soon x


21 thoughts on “me and my camera

  1. mollieandclaire

    Gorgeous stuff! And I just LOVE those colourful ceramics. What a great market it must be! I’m reading this sat in a chilly railway waiting room waiting for the delayed 7.51… It’s very cold and foggy. Your post is like a breath of sunshine!

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      ah, you poor sausage! although after the incredibly hot day we’ve just had (they said 33, but it was worse than that, and MUCH WORSE in the car!!!), I wouldn’t mind a bit of your winter right now :-)

      1. Rebel Unchained

        Melting weather right? Whew. Love your blog Jill. I never forget to come back and read it at the end of the day when I put my feet up. The e-mails come through first and alert me, so I never miss a thing. Love the money bag, it’s like really totally cool mannn!

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