I had a brief conversation with another trader at a market recently.  I was looking for a guy called Rudi*, who used to sell scarves and jewellery.  He didn’t seem to be around so I asked a chap who sells garden furniture* if he knew anything about him.

GF Man:  No, he’s not here. I don’t think he’ll be coming back, actually, he’s thinking of returning to Israel.

Me: Oh okay, thanks. He always seemed to do so well with his products.

GF Man: Yes, he had return customers all the time. And he could talk up a storm. Lovely guy.

Me:  Ja, great sales pitch. Worked nearly every time. He once told me that he got some beautiful new scarves at such a good price he was able to put a 1,000% mark-up on them.  I’ve never forgotten that!

GF Man: Well, maybe he got a bit too greedy. Typical Jew, you know.

Seriously? I remain gob-smacked. For so many different (and yet all obvious) reasons.



* not his real name

* not his real product

20 thoughts on “random

  1. katechiconi

    Waaah? You cannot be serious! I know there are still plenty of people out there who think like that, but most have the good sense to keep it to themselves. Typical Gentile….

      1. katechiconi

        As someone with a Gentile surname but a long line of Jewish ancestors, I give you permission to bite the head off the next bigoted idiot who inflicts his opinions on you!

  2. gentlestitches

    groan! I could mount a soapbox but what is the point? The GF man is behaving like a typical “wanker”. :-)

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Well, we shouldn’t be naive, I guess. I think that what REALLY gets me is the implication that I will hold the same view, tacit in the fact that the person has shared it with me. And besides, I live in South Africa – there’s more prejudice flying around here about anyone and anything than there are fruit flies. Sigh.


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