red and read

I dug out my glue gun yesterday afternoon and made an impromptu ‘moomflower’ to take to a friends’ party.

moomflower red

The flowers are mostly red but I did six in different colours to represent my two friends and the four children they have between them.

Then I got carried away and painted my nails red. Rob calls them “harlot tips”.


Today, Sunday, was a day of extreme sloth.  Mostly I read: The Shining Girls by South African writer Lauren Beukes. If you like good horror fiction, you’ll love this.  I think I’ll stop reading when it gets dark.

Also, fantastically and wonderfully, the weather seems to have changed since Friday and temperatures have returned to levels at which human beings can function properly.

And for those of you who don’t know Cape Town, here’s a link to 52 Places to Go in 2014 from The New York Times – we’re numero uno! Thinking of visiting? I’ll happily volunteer to take you on a shop crawl of all the good craft and wool places :-)

Back soon x

22 thoughts on “red and read

  1. onoodlesstitchcraft

    When I come to Cape Town I will take you up on that offer! This is currently a dream but one day I will make it happen! Love the moonflower, what an amazing present and the harlot nails are fab- u- lous dahlink!!! ;-)

      1. onoodlesstitchcraft

        Looks like you will need to set up B&B for a gang of four when we all come to visit- now maybe I will go with the sparkly nails today for some glamour?!

  2. Patch

    I’ve had extreme sloth here today too… Well as much as two boys will allow. It was necessary to recover from an Imelda May gig last night… That will teach me!! (Or maybe not!).

  3. RedSetter

    The moom flower is gorgeous and I love your harlot tips. ‘TART!’ is the automatic response here when the old red polish comes out to jazz up the fingers and toes. It is just so joyous and fund when you look down and see the red.

    I’d be up for the trip too if I ever get out your way.

  4. tgonzales

    Very nice flower and your nails are so pretty, I love the red. I’m glad you are getting some relief from the heat. We may be getting 6″ of snow tomorrow. ;) As for the tour; count me in! Love and hugs, Tamara


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