sewing up a storm

I’ve become totally manic about sewing lately, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end any time soon. It started with the newsboys (hereand here….

carol      newsboy

carol newsboy 2     hats celeste

and now I’ve moved on, largely inspired by the receipt of a whole bunch of fabric samples from an awesome guy who runs a textile agency down the road from me …. thanks, Peter. Again.

So, I found a brilliant tutorial on how to make a simple shrug-type bolero here, and that’s what I did last night.


I used a much thinner and silkier type of fabric to the woolly one, and I also fiddled with the measurements a bit (my first effort was too tight over the bust).  But I’ve ended up with something that perfectly satisfies my three basic sewing requirements:  1. user-friendly 2. cheap and cheerful; 3. pretty damn quick to put together.

bolero 2

And yes, it IS very hot and sunshine-y in Cape Town again today.

Back soon x



23 thoughts on “sewing up a storm

  1. tgonzales

    Oh my gosh the hats are s-o-o-o darn cute and I love all the fabrics you are getting to play with. But my friend the bolero takes the cake and if I haven’t told you lately you are gorgeous. :) (I still think you look like Kate Hudson!) Love and Hugs, Tamara

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      you’re too kind, and I don’t think Kate Hudson would be very pleased hahahaha. I am having such a ball with the fabrics, you CANNOT BELIEVE – I’m actually sharing my bed with some of them because I can’t bear to pack them away, there are HEAPS everywhere :-)

  2. Gail

    Wonderful hats Jill and the bolero is so stunning. Think I might give it whirl. I can totally relate to sleeping with your fabrics. Every time I pass my gorgeous fabrics that have taken over a couch and dining room table, I stop to stroke them. Cannot bear to hide them away in a storage box. Hope you’ll wear one of the hats plus the bolero to lunch on Saturday. xxx

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Thank you. I wore it all day yesterday, but because I made it wider than the tutorial said, it kept slipping off my shoulders a bit. I’m going to make another one today. Certainly couldn’t be easier :-)

      1. cupcakemummy

        i’m a hippy at heart! a barefoot rockabilly hippy who got too big and had to resort to more “civilised” clothing but now that i’ve lost a few kg’s and need a new wardrobe i’m going to ask friends and fam to contribute birthday monies in april then i’m going to go all happy vegan hippy again :P

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