BonBon update

I have a market at Kirstenbosch this Sunday, so Eunice delivered five fresh BonBons just in time this week.  (At my last market, the green and the caramel BonBons were the first items purchased, one with and one without a pompom). She’s done another sterling job, but this time I lured her into spending the afternoon with me (I think it was the custard danishes that did the trick) and teaching me how to make a BonBon myself.


eunice 3

eunice 1

eunice 2

She needed a lot of patience with me. Luckily, she has enough and some to spare.  I got about an eighth of the way through a BonBon before realising that this particular stitch used in this particular design is too much for me. It takes TOO LONG. I will lose interest less than halfway into the making of it, and then there will be half-finished BonBons all over the place.  So, I’m going to stick to being the PomPomist and Eunice the BonBonist.

She is also now officially Jam Tart #2, whether she likes it or not — but I think she does. On Saturday night, around 11.30, just as I was drifting off to sleep, an sms came beeping in: “Jill, how’s your crocheting going? did you finish the pink hat?“.  Blimey, just what I need –  a slave driver…

caramel bonbon

The texture of these hats is really soft and squwooshy. Squoochy? Skwooshy? I don’t know, none of those look right, but you know what I mean.  FYI one hat (plus medium pompom) weighs 156 g, and we’re using the Pure Gold Double Knit and a 4mm hook.

bonbon cream

Want to make your own BonBon? It’s dead easy and I’m busy writing up Eunice’s instructions for you, will post a bit later.

Back soon x



29 thoughts on “BonBon update

  1. onoodlesstitchcraft

    I for one will be making a bon bon with a pom pom just as soon as the pattern is available. And skwooshy by any spelling sounds right to me! What make of yarn is it btw I bet it isn’t available in the UK :-P But I will make it my mission to find something with some squwooooshiness as this seems to be an important factor in the bon bon beanie! xxxxx
    PS Fab pictures x

    1. Nice Piece of Work

      Am pleased to hear. Maybe you’ll be faster than me? I need pretty instant gratification when it comes to crochet :-) The yarn is Elle Pure Gold, manufactured by Saprotex in South Africa, “100% acrylic, low pill”. I’m sure any acrylic similar weight would work, but this has quite a bit of floppiness to it – or maybe that’s just the BonBon itself. Looks better a bit oversized as well :-)

  2. gentlestitches

    soft?squishy? squoshy? I love the hat and there is dear little what his name lambkins! Wasn’t he stolen by a young relative in another post?

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      You know how people say what they would snatch up if their house was on fire and they had to exit in 3 seconds – it’s usually their photo albums or their cat or their GHD hair iron….well, for me it’s my set of Clover pompom makers. That’s all I have to say.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      That’s exactly right, you’ve hit the nail on the head for me as well. Hat hair is the reason I’ve seldom worn hats in the past, but that’s all behind me now! – the BonBon just holds it all up and away loosely, and so does the newsboy. I am busy making more newsboys right now, so I think other ladies have the same issues!!!


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