etsy <3

I’ve been a bit remiss with etsy listings since the beginning of the year. Time to put that right…

5 hats


Click on the links below to go straight to the listings:

hat 1 – camo

hat 2 – doily peak

hat 3 – shweshwe

hat 4 – crimson and black

hat 5 – autumn mix

Thanks for looking :-) Back soon x


19 thoughts on “etsy <3

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I’m still trying to work out what the market will tolerate, price-wise. I think a lot of people here tend to undervalue their products, but I have to take the context into account as well. Sigh. Still, I love love love making them (which is why I haven’t done much crocheting lately – my bad). xx

  1. Linne

    Love the hats, especially the newsboy. My granddads wore the original type and I have a real soft spot for them. Nice Etsy, shop, too. :-) ~ Linne

  2. Nice piece of work Post author

    Thanks Linne, that’s kind of you to say – especially since I’ve neglected it for months! heh But I’m getting back into it, trying to refocus and all that, blah blah blah. My partner decided he wanted one of the newsboys, never mind that they’re for women, so I stitched the peak to the part of the hat that would otherwise stand up a bit, so it looks more like a flat cap. Plus he has a big head, so that helps the shape. He thinks he looks amazeballs in it (as Maryanne would say!!!)


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