novelty yarn – quick and easy

It’s hard to resist a new novelty yarn.  I know I can’t, I wouldn’t even waste an splurt of energy on trying.  I’d had an order for some men’s slouchies in various shades of grey (not a colour I generally keep at home), so I popped in to Roger at Orion to stock up on the weekend.  And there was a new delivery of yarn, not even unpacked yet… yum…

baltic baltic 3

It’s called Elle Baltic and it comes from Saprotex in East London (E L on the South African coast in the Eastern Cape, that is).  Roger had two colours so I grabbed the one with pinks and blues mixed up, called Potpourri. R40 for a 100g ball. As you can see, the yarn consists of two separate strands that are bridged at regular intervals. Makes for a very chunky look.

baltic 10

I used a  10mm hook and made a simple cowl.  Trebles seemed to work best, anything shorter and I think the stitch would have been too squished. I have no idea how many stitches I started with, nor how long it took, and I also know that it’s got a built-in twist because I really wasn’t paying attention (episode 7 of True Detective – who would take their eyes off Mr McConaughey, right?) – but I’m very happy with it.

baltic 1      baltic 9

Back soon x

28 thoughts on “novelty yarn – quick and easy

  1. Patch

    I’ve seen yarn like that in the shops quite often but didn’t know what to do with it. Now I do! It looks great, might have to get some ;)

  2. onoodlesstitchcraft

    I have to say that I tend to steer clear of these fancy ‘fashion’ yarns as they seem to be called here in the UK because I somehow don’t ‘get’ them. However, seeing your cowl I may be converted! Great work as usual, love the colours and the squashy texture. There’s some on sale in the local garden centre- I may be tempted to go and get some now! What happened about the grey for the men’s slouchies?!!!

      1. onoodlesstitchcraft

        Ah ha! Saw them on FB just now- super impressed with your self control. Gold star to you! ****** If I knew how to make a star symbol! Will a penguin work? <(")

  3. katechiconi

    It looks difficult to work with, but if you turned that cowl out so quickly while you were watching Mr McC, it can’t be that bad… Nice colours, and an interesting finished texture.

  4. gentlestitches

    I never heard of that show so I googled it! I totally understand! :-) Now back to the cowl. It is fabulous. A very interesting and pretty yarn.

  5. tgonzales

    Although I usually steer clear of the novelty yarns, I do adore the colors and the fluffiness of them. And I always love seeing what other people make with them. Thanks so much for sharing. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  6. yarnchick40

    I’m jealous. You buy novelty yarn and end up with an adorable project. When I buy novelty yarn I cuss up a blue streak because I pick the kind that’s near impossible to work with, and on top of that I end up with a FO that isn’t fit to use as a dishcloth. Just this weekend, I told Frank ‘DO NOT allow me to buy novelty yarn EVER again!’ So my hat is off to you dear ~ well done cos that is beautiful!


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