how to make a fabric infinity scarf (in less than 15 mins)

Here’s a dead easy something to make. All you need is some fabric, needle and thread. I used my sewing machine as well, but if you’re Amish you can stitch it by hand.

I used:
3 pieces of fabric – two were 13cm wide and one was 16cm wide, but they all need to be the same length: 180cm.

cowl 2

1. With right sides facing, and with a 1cm seam allowance, sew the long sides of the pieces together. All of them.

cowl 4

2. You’ll end up with a tube.

cowl 6

3.  Push your arm through the tube…

cowl 7

4. … and pull the end of it through to the top.

cowl 8

5. With right sides together, you’re going to sew the raw edges together, leaving a 10 to 12 cm gap.  (You haven’t turned the tube inside out yet).  It’ll look like this (the arrows are to show you where I left the gap):

cowl 9

6. Pull the cowl through the gap in the seam til it’s all right side out.  Slip stitch the seam closed.  Give it a light press, and it’s done!

cowl 12

At this length, and especially if you’ve used stretchy t-shirty fabric, you should easily be able to get it round your neck three times, if you want to. I generally wrap mine round twice, but you can also fold it in half and pull one side through the loop for a different look.

cowl 20 cowl 17

cowl 13  cowl 12

and if for some reason you don’t want anyone to know it’s you, you can flip one loop over your hair and smack on some sun gogs…. 

cowl 21

Back soon x
PS. I’m not sure about this new blog theme. Any comments?


24 thoughts on “how to make a fabric infinity scarf (in less than 15 mins)

      1. katechiconi

        That sounds like a pain. But they do have lots of nice themes…. you’ll find one you like even if it takes a few trials. We’ll stick with you in the process!

  1. tgonzales

    I love your scarf and the new look on your blog. Very refreshing. I still think you look like Kate Hudson and even more so with the scarf and dark glasses on. :) Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. onoodlesstitchcraft

    Number one; as soon as I opened your blog I thought, ooh different but nice! Then I read the post and I love this idea- just down my street and I am wondering have I got bits in my fabric hoard to make one tonight? Off to Stockholm tomorrow- just enought space in the case for a scarf like that! Your combination of prints are also lovely- just like you- cool babe in your shades!

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