more fishy business

The fish hats are proving very popular. I originally blogged about the Stinky Fish pattern here, and the pattern originally came from Catrina Usher, found here. She also has a great facebook page, here.

wed 2  stinky fish sam

stinky fish 3  stinky rainbow fish

fish hat 1

I’ve adapted the original pattern, as one does – working from the brim to the tail instead of the other way round, making different size fins, and lining the tail with felt (I find this gives a nice ‘hang’, and allows for a flatter look).  I also work different stitches as the mood takes me, and as the yarn allows me.

Having said all that, I don’t feel right calling my hats Stinky any more – as much as I’d like to! It’s a name dreamed up by the original designer for a differently made hat and, while I’ve sent her links to my blog and, as far as I know, haven’t trod on any toes, it doesn’t feel right to keep the name.  I’ve tried to come up with something as catchy and different, and at this stage all I’ve come up with is Happy Fish.

Is that lame? If you come up with something better, I’d be very pleased to hear it.


27 thoughts on “more fishy business

  1. tgonzales

    Hi Jill! I love the name Happy Fish for your funky fish hats. They are adorable and no way look stinky at all. :) Have a great weekend. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. yarnchick40

    SO glad you were able to hear the roly poly fish head song, it was in my head every time you posted a fish hat!! Hopefully, that will stop now…
    I like the FIshy Fish also, but I will add Chomper just because it is trying to chomp on Carol’s head…or maybe Jonah Hat…

  3. katythenightowl

    I have to admit that I prefer your ‘Happy Fish’ to the ‘Stinky’ version :)
    And I love what you’ve done with the designs – they’re wonderful, and so adaptable to the person you make them for! :)


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