cap(puccino) days

Being now officially hat mad, I have wanted to come up with more than one design for the newsboys.  Some people love big and puffy, and some people prefer a more compact look.  I tried making a pattern based on my existing knowledge, my (self-taught) pattern-making skills, other people’s experiments, and designs on the internet. I downloaded some free stuff (none of it turned out remotely how I wanted) and even purchased a few patterns, but again, I wasn’t finding my happy place.

Many frustrating weeks and a lot of wasted fabric later, I pitstopped for one of Jeanne’s double-shot cappuccinos (there’s some linguistic serendipity coming up here…) at Salisbury’s in Woodstock. Across the road is Sally Low’s gorgeous vintage clothes cum ceramics shop, so of course my feet naturally led me there once I’d absorbed the caffeine.  I found this:

brown hat

I rushed home and ripped it apart…

brown cap 2

and cut my own pattern from it…

new cap 4 new cap 1 new cap 2 new cap 3

This cap (cap – cappuccino, get it!) has four differently-shaped panels at the back and the front is a semi-circle from brim to brim fitted with a shaped tier underneath.  I learnt about inserting a short strip of elastic at the back in the seam of the lining on my search, and this works like a charm here.  One or two other minor modifications, and I believe I am well satisfied.

Carol modelled the new hat in Tulbagh yesterday, where we participated in the Christmas-in-Winter festival. Happy days :-)


17 thoughts on “cap(puccino) days

  1. The Snail of Happiness

    Now, that’s a set of shapes I would never have dreamed would turn into a cap. My mother is able to come up with patterns for pretty much anything… she used to design dolls’ clothes patterns and some of them were incredibly complex. Sadly, it’s a skill I did not inherit.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I started sewing by following Vogue and Butterick patterns, it’s not hard but like anything else takes practice. (like cooking). But remember, I am only showing you the successes….there’s a whole bagful of mistakes shoved under the bed….

      1. craftysorcha

        Hmm I’ll have to try that!
        Unfortunately, fat heads are genetic, my son is the same, he’s 2 years old and his winter had this year is for 5/6 years (and I mean the rest of his clothes are for his age or smaller!)

  2. Gail

    You are such a clever girl, Jill, love the blue cap. Amazing how Carol’s face changes depending on the cap/hat design.


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