the 10-minute fabric beanie

I found this tutorial by Yolanda Lopez on youtube the other day, and got all inspired. She says 30 minutes, but you don’t even need that long if you already have your sewing machine threaded up and ready to go.

I used a thinner fabric, and here is my version:
beanie sew beanie sew 2 beanie sew 3

It’s a particularly cute beanie because Yolanda’s pattern includes a simple but effective way of giving the back a pouchy shape rather than a limp-sock shape. No-one wants that limp sock look, right?

Back soon x


4 thoughts on “the 10-minute fabric beanie

  1. tgonzales

    Great idea. Now you have me wanting to go buy fleece and make these hats. I think I would like to leave the corners and put yarn pom poms on each one and let them flop? If I could just put my hooks down I might actually do this. HAHAHAHAHA!! Thanks for sharing such a neat hat. Love and Hugs, Tamara


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