das beard

Hey guys, just touching blog base quickly with John’s birthday present – one of those manly beanies with a beard and moustache attached.

john 1     john 2

He was laughing so much I couldn’t get a good picture, as you see. I have wanted to try one of these for ages, but was concerned that if I gave it to the obvious choice (Rob), he might actually wear it in public. With me.

Free pattern for das beard beanie found here.

Happy birthday, John. 49 today :-)


18 thoughts on “das beard

  1. katechiconi

    A most excellent beardie-beanie, but my Lord, he’s wearing it out. In a public place. The Husband has suggested you crochet him a parrot to sit on his shoulder to go with it. I think that’s just rude (but would be funny and I might almost pay to see it)…

  2. Gail

    John looks so butch and manly, love it. Well done. Hope you don’t decide to give each of our ‘birthday lunch’ gang a similar beanie that we have to wear to each others birthday lunches.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      This is the email John just sent out to those of us who were at lunch with him yesterday:

      My dear friends,

      Thank you all so very much for making yesterday such a special day for me, for the wonderful presents which will be used, drunk, read and frothed up, oh and worn to rob banks. It is always such an undiluted pleasure to have these get togethers, to laugh, talk to reminisce and to hear what is going on at K_______. I am so much the richer for knowing you all and count myself a very lucky person.


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