Rabbit: Take Two

When Alex was small, I once made her a rabbit. I found the pattern in a library book and it’s the nicest rabbit pattern I’ve ever come across – but I have no recollection of the original book nor do I wish to waste time by tracking it down – so, when it was time to make a rabbit for a friend’s new granddaughter, my only option was to undress and dismember Rabbit One in order to cut a new pattern.

rabbit gr

There she is, poor thing, headless, earless and naked as a jaybird.

Ta-da! Meet Rabbit Two, sporting a patchwork frock trimmed with pompoms and a silk headscarf.

patchwork rabbit 3

patchwork rabbit 1

Now to re-attach Rabbit One’s head and ears, and hope I haven’t scarred her for life.

26 thoughts on “Rabbit: Take Two

  1. katechiconi

    That is a very nice rabbit, I can quite see why you thought a spot of dissection was called for. Love the outfit and headscarf, too. I’d love to see a black rabbit in a bright red outfit…

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      She’s very flattered by your comment (she’s still in the lounge, not sure when I’m going to be able to part with her), but has now asked if she can have a dress with more turquoise in it. Honestly!

  2. yarnchick40

    Those ears better show up soon Missy! My mom once lost an eye from my stuffed puppy and there was hell to pay till it was found…poor woman searched high and low for days and finally spotted it under the couch…did I mention I was probably in high school?

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