a quick hello

So, it’s not that I don’t love you all and have things I’m dying to share, it’s just that blogging time has become a bit of a luxury for me at this time of year – I’m either making stuff for a market, or am at a market, or am doing the admin for future markets. I have 12 market days between now and Ch&%#*@mas, plus an order for sunhats for 150 preschoolers (deadline is 3 days away).

I also now have an industrial sewing machine in my life, which I bought second-hand: you can just see it on the left in the pic below of my sewing room.

sewing room

I know, right? You’re thinking, How on earth does she manage to keep her work space so tidy and clean? What can I say – I’m naturally well-organised, it’s a gift.

I hope to be able to show you the finished sunhats next week – I’m really proud of them. Each one is fully lined and has a different combination of fabrics in various patchwork styles, plus an adjustable band round the top and a toggle so it stays on.

sunhat purple turq


18 thoughts on “a quick hello

  1. Gail

    So glad to hear your bloggy voice, Jill. I was thinking of emailing you to find out how you are. I’m very impressed with the sun hats, the sample looks wonderful. xxx

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Gail, I’ve meaning to respond to your newsy email about settling down in Kleinmond – sorry I haven’t! Glad to hear all going well, and would LOVE to plan a trip out to you one day soon :-)

  2. katechiconi

    Love your new blog look. You need a sign for your door that says ‘Visionary in Torment’ or ‘Caution, Creative Genius At Work’… Are you used to the speed of the industrial machine yet, and have you managed to avoid sewing your fingers, a very common problem when transitioning from domestic to industrial?

  3. gentlestitches

    LOL! Great hats and I fully understand re markets and deadlines. One of my orders is 30 foxes. How many have I made ummm none yet! I will do it and so will you! :-D

      1. gentlestitches

        agreed! I am starting with legs! I find the bodies and heads easier for some reason! LOL! I also need tiny hats and monsters. I am not too worried my past history of filing deadlines is 100% (ish).

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