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I mentioned that Alex and I had supper and watched Thelma and Louise together the other night? Five days later, my poor girl was covered in measles. The German kind. My mother has blanked out most of my childhood years so cannot possibly be expected to remember if I ever had it as a child – and the vaccine was only administered in the UK from 1969, which means I missed out, being born in 1961.  So far, no-one who has been in contact with her (that we know of) has shown any symptoms, so please keep your fingers crossed. She turns 21 next week and there are celebrations planned – so this would be particularly unfortunate timing.

Hat news: I found this lovely cloche on pinterest, from bozontee. Free pattern, too, which is wonderful.


I think she made her’s in linen. Here’s my version:



I used a heavyweight velvety sort of fabric and a thin cotton for the lining. Quick and easy. Lots of potential for adding bling and extra stuff. But more cloches are for future Jill. Right now, let me get back to the preschool’s sunhats … and do a spot check…


17 thoughts on “spot check

  1. katechiconi

    Very cute hat! I hope your poor girl gets better soon; better she has it now and gets it over with. At least she’ll be protected by the antibodies if she ever gets pregnant.

  2. rainbowjunkiecorner

    Another lovely hat! I presume hats are popular over there. I wear one winter and summer but lots of people don’t in the UK.
    Sorry to hear about your daughter. My son got it too but at least it is not as bad as the ordinary measles.

  3. Jane

    Poor Alex! Hope you dodge the ‘veerus’!
    I just LOVE your blue velvety cloche-hat. You really are good at this hat thing, Jill. x

  4. gentlestitches

    Wow! bad timing for this time of year. (I am typing with my mouth because I can’t afford the time off crocheting) :-D. SERIOUSLY!!!! also can you believe it? I am renovating?????
    Good luck dear Alex. <3
    seriously if she has it it would be good to have antibodies to echo katechiconi.

      1. gentlestitches

        thanks. I had the house changed to incorporate a studio for me and a gym/study for the boy. Using existing space but ripping out walls and having other walls built. The ceilings are very high so lend themselves to installing the gym bars. Oh groan. The furniture is in the garden and the critters are demented. I am trying to get these foxes finished and squeeze in a few teaching gigs. Just gotta keep smiling. :-D

  5. anne

    Hi Jill,
    thank you so much for using my pattern!
    I am really happy to see that it works out so well.. your hat is really cute!
    anne // bozontee


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