back to school

Since I’ve been busy with sunhats for Lynette’s preschool kiddies in Stellenbosch, it occurred to me that they might need other things that I could make. There are, after all, 150 children there – it seems like a nice little outlet :)

ethan 6     ethan 5

Using some left-over cotton, some velcro and a very vague memory of the size of an average preschooler, I came up with the above. And then hunted down 5-year old Ethan to model it for me in the garden. He was undeterred by the pink flowers, and told me he loves having his picture taken.

Some gratuitous pics of the sunhats:

sunhat suzette pink  sunhat purple turq  denim patch

The delivery of the second batch of hats took place yesterday, and I thought I’d share a pic of my newly-appointed Toggle Insertion Assistant, taken very late on Sunday evening:

toggle assistant 2Rob’s help also came with a lecture on time management, clearly well-deserved. My mantra for 2015 = I will not procrastinate. I will not procrastinate. I will not…..


16 thoughts on “back to school

  1. katechiconi

    I can think of a whole load of things that you could sew for preschoolers, apart from hats… Chief among them being smocks for any kind of art or craft activity, drawstring bags, backpacks, costumes for dressing up or school plays, playmats that draw up into bags with shoulder straps, cushions for nap time…. You should pin up a notice in the school, I bet a load of the mothers would jump at it.

  2. lovelucie1

    Great hats! I’m not surprised they’ve gone down so well.
    Men are great at telling you how they would do things. Not so great at taking advice from another.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Yes, Rob was fully involved – he reminded me that he also hand stitched the turning seams closed, trimmed stray threads, even did some cutting, made endless coffees and also chauffeured the delivery. And he did. The second instalment would probably still be on my cutting table if it wasn’t for him ! :-)

      1. onoodlesstitchcraft

        I know! I think my broken ankle caused me to lose a few brain cells. Totally lacking inspiration. I will be back till enjoying seeing everyone else’s business :-)

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