did you say BORING?

After a long break between starting and finishing, my chair is finally as done as it’s ever going to be :-)

chair 1

This was Rob’s chair when he was a little boy; when his parents moved three years ago, it came my way. I had the cushions reupholstered in a neutral beige linen (what was I thinking???), and Alex said it was more boring than a seat on a plane. BUT NOT ANY MORE ….

chair 2

It didn’t seem right to bomb the front and not the reverse of the back cushion, but the back got a much hastier treatment. Loyal followers of my blog may notice that six of the blocks on the front originated from Rachel’s CAL that I signed up for about three years ago (here). I have another 8 or 10 squares somewhere, but clearly they aren’t going to magically reproduce themselves and turn into a blanket any time soon. Seemed a pity to waste them….

Other crochet bits are abandoned projects, failed experiments and some recycled bunting. I couldn’t face starting the seat from scratch, so the seat “bomb” is actually a small blanket that Doreen gave to me a while back.

* NB. Inspiration for yarnbombing furniture comes from Daniella Joe’s blog. You should go see her stuff !!!

I can’t imagine what Mom and Pop would make of this, but that little boy whose chair it once was says he likes it as much as I do.


21 thoughts on “did you say BORING?

  1. Winter Owls

    It looks fabulous and definitely not boring! I think my grandparents had the same chair, upholstered in bottle green vinyl which your legs would stick to in summer. Yours is much nicer…


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