I met Abigail last week. She’s 4 and lives in Sedgefield, where Rob and I were holidaying. She and her dad joined us for a braai one evening and, while the guys were tending the meat and making sure the beers were the right temperature of cold, Abi and I took a short drive into the village.

She found a pack of fruity chewing gum in the cubby hole, with four left inside. Can I have one, please? she asked. Sure, I said, have two if you like. So she had three, then closed the little envelope. Then she immediately opened it again and said Oh there’s only one left now. I think I’ll have to give it to me.

She came to visit me at the market on Saturday morning, and I said she could pick whichever hat she liked best. Seems she’s a Hello Kitty girl.


9 thoughts on “Abigail

  1. creative pixie

    Young children can be very demanding, (I’m typing this while my 2 are playing outside bowing bubbles and I’m enjoying a latte in peace).

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Yes they can. But what’s wonderful is that, when they are grown up, you have forgotten the demands and only remember the good stuff. (It’s the same with labour, for me at least!) :-)


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