biting off…?

…more than I can chew? Eee by gum I hope not. I’ll be setting up at the Community Carnival this afternoon, which starts tomorrow and runs over 4 days. Incredible Rob has taken time off from work to help me. Don’t know how I’d manage without him. I’m still waiting for the printing people to let me know that my signage is ready (hurry UP dammit) and this morning I finished another hat order for the preschool. Almost on my way to Stellenbosch just now to deliver them, I remembered to pause and take some pics…

by 6

by 1

by 3

by 4

by 2

I cam away with orders for the fleece beanies and aprons for the staff. That makes Gemsy and me very happy. But for now – it’s Carnival time!

25 thoughts on “biting off…?

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Thanks Lisa, I like them too – but I think they might be a bit plain for the Carnival – going to get busy with owl eyes and cat’s whiskers this evening…. Plus my fabric glitter liners and stick-on glow-in-the-dark stars…. hahaha
      We’ve just got back from checking out the venue – it’s HUGE and all the marquees are up and there are loads of people wheeling crates of beer and wine all over – so, looking promising ! :-)

      1. yarnchick40

        I’m so excited for you!!! Glitter and whiskers and eyes sound like great additions. Maybe try some bright & funky fabric or ribbon bows by one ear a la ‘hello kitty’ style? Best to you friend ~ wish I was there ~ MUAH! :)

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