knight fever

I was asked to make a medieval knight’s helmet for someone’s boyfriend. Always (okay, sometimes) up for a challenge, I am actually very pleased with the result.

helmet 3

helmet 2        helmet 1

It’s hard to get a good enough selfie so that you can see the back, but on the other hand you can’t see my bed hair which is a good thing.

I worked from the pattern at, making a few changes here and there.

helmet pic

All this took me straight to John Travolta, of course. My oh my he sure was cool back in the day…

john t

Have a quick watch – let’s make it a Bee Gees kind of day.

10 thoughts on “knight fever

  1. katechiconi

    Hmmm, not quite seeing the link, but groovin’ along to JT and the BeeGees nonetheless. My era, my kind of music, and I’ve got nothing better to do this Sunday afternoon (unless you count making over 300 more hexies, which I don’t)… Noice helmet, btw…

      1. katechiconi

        Duh…. The title should have given it away big time, shouldn’t it? I just plunged straight into the post, looked at the pictures and went “er, what?”. That’ll teach me!

  2. Patch

    I worked out the link… Makes perfect sense to me. It’s a brilliant Knights helmet…. But I couldn’t help having a fit of the giggles at you modelling it. You mad woman 😂😂😂


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