the Jill Goldberg Award for Political Incorrectness

I have started a new thing. It’s called the Jill Goldberg Award for Political Incorrectness*.

toilet paper award

Today’s winner is the middle-aged woman in front of me in the queue at the Clicks Pharmacy in Rondebosch. She was chatting to her friend who was sitting out the wait in a chair nearby and their conversation could be heard by the entire shop, which included staff and customers of all races.

Woman 1      So, have you travelled yet this year?

Woman 2      No, actually not, which reminds me – I need to renew my passport.

Woman 1      Oh what a bore. SUCH a long wait…

Woman 2      Not at all, they’re very efficient at the British Embassy. But it is jolly expensive! 

Woman 1      I didn’t know you had a British passport. Were you born there, Patsy?

Woman 2      No, but my father was and he organised it all for us ages ago, although he said it wasn’t easy in those days because they were too busy letting in all the bloody Pakis. 


* Awards are made to whomever I want and whenever I feel like it, and I am the only judge. The results are final and no correspondence will be entered into.


16 thoughts on “the Jill Goldberg Award for Political Incorrectness

  1. onoodlesstitchcraft

    Oh my goodness (actually have a much more colloquial phrase but won’t use it!) has she no shame or humanity!
    Love your new award-
    I have one that has stayed with me, waiting in a queue in Amsterdam to visit Anne Frank House and the lady behind (American) commented ‘It’s amazing how they’ve kept it going for so long!’
    Is there something I missed? It was 20th century and a represents a significant moment in human history.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Laughing! Can you imagine me walking around with my toilet roll :-)
      From experience, I find most people like this are unable to consider any perspective other than their own, and there’s simply no point in engaging with them – self-reflection is for other people.

      1. salpal1

        I know that you are right. But sometimes, a wake up call is a good thing… granted a public award of a toilet paper roll might not get anyone to think about their words or actions, but if no one ever checks them, they don’t even know to think about these things.
        I speak from personal experience. I had a friend who used to gently guide me. :-)

  2. katechiconi

    Why is it that the opinions which least deserve to be heard are always uttered in a loud voice for the whole world to endure? I like the idea of your award – may we submit our own entries to you for consideration?

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Funny you should ask that, I was just thinking about Jill O’Neill’s Amsterdam story and how many of us must have similar overheards worthy of sharing. I would be delighted if you sent me your “entries” – I would always say who had sent me the story (if that is desired).

  3. mollieandclaire

    Brilliant post. I work in an MPs office and we have a hypocrites list – so for example the people who write to complain about immigration and then write asking for assistance in getting their new foreign spouse a visa….

  4. soknitsome

    I think my father-in-law deserved your award. He’d go on and on about Foreigners being responsible for everything bad. Anything not pleasing him? “Ugh, foreigners!” It annoyed me no end as I was a foreigner!


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