Bob’s Burgers ?

Anyone heard of Bob’s Burgers? Me neither, until I met a young woman who loves the program and asked me to make her a hat like the pink one below:

Bob's burgers

Well, I tried. But I think this one has to go down as a fail. The ears are too close together, they aren’t pointy enough, and THEY DON’T STAND UP.  I’ve used a medium-weight interfacing in them plus a bit of plastic-coated wire, so they certainly won’t lose their shape – just their erectness. (Is that a word?)

bob's burgers 2

I handstitched them to the top, to try and give a bit of three-dimensional shape to the base, if you know what I mean. But floppy still prevails. Plus, Cape Town is an extraordinarily windy city – I’m worried those ears might whack down and give the wearer two black eyes.

If you have any advice to share about sticky-up ears, please let me know.


8 thoughts on “Bob’s Burgers ?

  1. katechiconi

    Vinyl or acetate. Like the divider sheets you get for files, stiffish and shiny, and can be put through the wash without disintegrating. They’re easy to cut, you can stitch through them, and they’ll give your ears a spot of perkiness. I also hate to say it, but your ears aren’t quite pointy enough, either… sorry…

      1. katechiconi

        Xray stuff is perfect. You were going to redo the ears anyway, I could tell. You were Not Happy with them… May we expect a selfie of you modelling the finished item?

  2. rainbowjunkiecorner

    I would think that unless there is something underneath the ears that holds them at right angles to the head they are likely to flop however stiff they are. If you were a commercial manufacturer you would make a small plasic rigid skull cap shape with the ear shapes coming out at the top and cover them with cloth. Just my three pennorth!

  3. gentlestitches

    I recommend what I use for amigurumi stiff bits.
    Domestic electrical cable which sells for a dollar or two here or you can get an old electrical appliance and take the cover of the cord and then pare it down or use as is. I love it. It is very easy to twist it into point or rounded shapes. :-D


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