scrappy waistcoat and random bed jackets

Sometimes I make something other than a hat. I’m quite pleased with this waistcoat, which is cobbled together from some fabric samples and a bit of black lace. HIdes the consequences of enjoying too much chocolate.



And sometimes I buy something I really don’t need…  I found these two bed jackets in a vintage shop in Woodstock, and they evoked such strong memories of my gran that I had to have them.  Bri-Nylon – do they even make that stuff any more?  The pinks and blues are a lot prettier and softer than you’d think from my lousy pics.

bed pink 2

bed pink  bed blue

It’s a pity that bed jackets have gone out of fashion. I guess people wear different types of pyjamas these days, far more casual and informal than forty or fifty years ago. My own bedwear is usually an old t-shirt and, in winter, an old t-shirt with old track pants. Not much less glamorous that that :(

9 thoughts on “scrappy waistcoat and random bed jackets

  1. Gail

    Stunning waistcoat. The bed jackets definitely bring back memories. I had a few bed jackets and when Evan was born my mom gave me a very special bed jacket of pleated nylon and lace. Shudder now at the thought of wearing nylon!

  2. katechiconi

    I confess, I occasionally use a bed jacket. Yeah, I know, tropics and all that, but when you have the aircon turned right down so it’s cool enough to sleep, it’s a bit chilly in the shoulder department when sitting up to drink my morning coffee. I have a ratty old cashmere cardigan that is now more darnwear than knitwear, but it does the job and I love its bright coral colour. Don’t think I’d go for nylon, no matter how pretty the colour or style….

  3. rainbowjunkiecorner

    I have an old nylon bed jacket but a bit more modern looking than yours. However these days I wear an old fleece when I sit up in bed as it is warmer. Thinking I might knit a bed jumper one day though!

  4. katythenightowl

    I really love the waistcoat – that band of lace just finishes it off perfectly, doesn’t it? :)

    As for bed jackets, I confess I’d never thought of them at one time, liking the t-shirt type of nightdress, too but, after falling ill, and having to spend a lot of time bed-bound, I now actually own one that my mum sent to me! Lol
    It’s all fluffy and pink (2 things I wouldn’t have dreamed of owning before!), and it keeps me nice and snug while sitting up, so I don’t care how ‘old fashioned’ it might seem to others – I like keeping my shoulders and arms warm!
    I’ve now relegated a couple of old cotton cardigans to do the same job – not as pretty as the bed jacket, but it works :)

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I tend to sling an old dressing gown or hoodie round my neck/shoulders if it gets that cold here, in winter…I think my cats would laugh and laugh if I was propped up in pink filmy nylon :-)

      1. katythenightowl

        Yes, my cat does give me a rather old-fashioned look when I wear mine – and also delights in catching her claws on it, so it ‘s now got unsightly pulls – maybe it’s her way of making it impossible for me to continue wearing it? Lol

  5. gentlestitches

    I love it and I will take 3 if they hide my chocolate enthusiasms. Also our houses are warmer now with not just better heating but rooms are lined and insulated. HOORAY! Gosh it was cold in the old days. <3


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