it’s okay. the tshirt.

Am reblogging my friend’s post, because I think it’s cool. I’ve already ordered my t-shirt with Nym on the front, maybe you’ll also want one.

Cupcake and Fysh

Depresssion, borderline personality disorder, self harm, addiction.
All these things are stigmatised and not talked about but they are real as the people who suffer from them.
Thankfully there are people out there who care and who dedicate their lives to helping these people.

Recently I hit a REALLY dark time, it was bad, it was “where’s the blade” bad but I thankfully I have a lot of support and am surrounded by people who really care. I got through it. What really got me though is a non profit organisation called SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Group) who got hold of me on twitter and sent me supporting messages and offered to stay up with me and talk if that’s what I needed.)

I did a drawing during this, it spurted after I wrote the words “it’s okay” for myself to stick on my wall. Nym was the…

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