fabric pixies

There’s a very boho little shop in Langebaan called Sparrows & Baytraders, and the owner is keen to stock my pixie hats. The problem is that a crocheted pixie hat can take me up to four hours to make, and even the price I sell them at is low – to charge a retailer any less would not make it worth my while, and for a retailer to double the price I sell them at would be like shooting herself in the foot.  BUT I do not like to turn away potential work, so I’ve spent a few days thinking and playing and sewing and fiddling, and eventually come up with a workable alternative: fabric pixies…

pixie dorette 2 pixie dorette 3 pixie dorette 1

I used strips of stretch fabric, lace and ribbon, buttons, shiny thread, and beads. Being lined, they have a nice weight and hang. They look a lot better on a human head than on an empty coffee jar! :-)
Okay, I’m mailing her now, will let you know what she thinks of them….


14 thoughts on “fabric pixies

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Luckily I like sewing as well :-) I still crochet a lot, have just put my hook down to type this reply actually…am watching Ordinary Lies to keep my brain busy at the same time.

  1. katechiconi

    Like them a lot, hope she does too. I can’t see why she shouldn’t, they’re lovely, and if they take less time it seems an obvious development of the concept. If I were buying one, I’d want one of the ones with sparkly bits on the tassel, being a bit of a magpie…

  2. Toadstool Tales

    I’m busy crocheting pixie hats at the moment – I know exactly what you mean – they are a lot of work (but super gorgeous!) I haven’t tried fabric … not sure my sewing skills would stand up to the job! Have a wonderful pixie inspired week! Emma x


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