purple boots

Boots – purple – with fringy bits – on sale – what’s not to love?

boots 3

But I felt they needed more. As one does. I got busy with glitter glue, shell buttons, shiny thread, gold and silver fabric paint, and my glue gun.

boots 1

I’m undecided about the outcome. It’s possible that more glitter is required. Or beads. Yes, they need beads. Maybe even glitter beads. But even as they are, they’re just the sort of thing to wear guaranteed to repulse one’s offspring.


32 thoughts on “purple boots

  1. katechiconi

    Are we all reverting to our dim and distant youth? In which case, Faaaar Out! All you need now is some orange paisley crushed velvet bellbottoms and a nice embroidered goatskin vest.

      1. Nice piece of work Post author

        I have various glitter polishes which I find extremely useful about 3 to 4 days after painting my nails when the polish is starting to look a bit thin around the edges – a coat or two of glitter extends their painted life!

      2. mollieandclaire

        I have a bad (but treated) vitamin D and B12 deficiency so mine flake. I’m lucky if I get three days without something breaking! But because I use the Vinylux that takes 8 minutes to dry, I love changing my nail varnish!

  2. Gail

    Love them. Hope your daughter is eternally grateful to you for keeping her eyes strong and healthy due to all the reasons you give her to roll her eyes round and round and round in her head!


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