scrap bag smack smack

My friend Suzette makes stunning cushions, and she uses only the best quality fabrics from Hertex. Consequently, her scraps and off-cuts are not to be sneered at. I took four boxes of scraps off her this weekend (I know, right?!), and was overcome by an incredible urge to make a bag this morning.

scrap bag 4

scrap bag 1

It’s not terribly well thought out and I’m not sure what to do about a strap yet, but I did manage a lining.

scrap bag 2

scrap bag 3

Best part? Suzette’s scraps come in ready-made strips! Almost no cutting required :-)

PS. Rob will have a fit when he reads this post because I’m supposed to be making hats and only hats. smack. For Grahamstown. smack. Big Market. smack. Only 6 weeks away…….smack smack smack

12 thoughts on “scrap bag smack smack

  1. tgonzales

    Oh my gosh Jill. I love the bag and that’s really cool that your friend shared her scraps with you. I know exactly how you feel about wanting to make other things when you should be concentrating on the things that really sell. I’m sure Rob will get over his fit. ;) Have you thought about using a recycled bag handle? I even buy bags from the second hand stores just for the cool handles. I cut them off and throw the bag part away or sometimes not. You probably have a really neat idea already planned for your handles, but I couldn’t help throwing out that idea for you to ponder. Have a great day. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. craftlyn

    When I first saw the title I read it as “Scrap Bag Snack Sack” and I thought, “Yes, this IS a nice bag to carry snacks in!” Doh. I hear you on working on illicit project. But my justification has always been twofold: I don’t want to lose the idea when it appears, and working on a different project makes the approved project go faster later! Or maybe that’s just me…

  3. gentlestitches

    making things one shouldn’t be making when one is supposed to be making other things is sooooo fun! Also from my experience can lead to increased productivity. :-D


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