Cabled Golf Cap for Men by moogly

I really like the look of this cap, from moogly. She recently sized up the pattern so it would fit adults.

moogly golf

So I made one. But it came out waaaaa-haaa-aaayyyy too big.  I should have realised the elephant-ness when I was more than halfway through…at this point it already weighed nearly 200g !

golf cap men

golf cap 2  golf cap 3

But, hey, who’s not to say some guy with a really enormous head is going to come along and want just this thing? :-)

15 thoughts on “Cabled Golf Cap for Men by moogly

  1. kathrynrubidoux

    A fella might need a larger hat to accommodate his “man bun”. Looks cute on you, someone will buy it.

  2. gentlestitches

    i agree with the above sentiment. I usually include my experiments to pad things out and they seem to sell as well as any others. We do all have unique tastes. Dreads hat yes. :-D


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