Yew Street Market [currently on hold]

A few weeks ago I met a fantastic woman called Kim, who was starting up a new street market in Salt River.  She lives in the street herself, and also runs her soap-making business there (Naked Soap). Her vision was to have a community-based event, run by and for the locals.

yew 2

Sounds really good. I passed the news on to some fellow crafters and we all helped spread the word. Last week was the first market day but, sadly, the weather didn’t play along.


It doesn’t look too bad in these pics, taken early in the morning, but you see those clouds over the mountain? – they soon closed up the sky and brought lots of rain.

Tomorrow would have been the market’s second day, but we’ve just heard from Kim that the city council has withdrawn the trading permit. The reasons are sort-of unclear, but here’s hoping that the city officials will review this soon and consider it viable.  A new, vibey, unpretentious and totally local market seems like such a great promise of possibilities: (a) a new trading opportunity, (b) a cross-cultural event in a cross-cultural area, (c) a celebration of our wonderful city, (d) a tourist attraction, (e) a damn nice place to eat good food and find original stuff!

I’m blown away by Kim’s commitment to this, and obviously have a vested interest myself. Everyone could benefit. I reminded Kim that most successful stories began with big fat fails – look at Steve Jobs, Vera Wang, J K Rowling, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Lucille Ball….  It ain’t over til it’s over.

Here’s to Yew, Kim, fingers crossed in good faith for a happy outcome xxx

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