home is where the [Jam] Tart is

We got home from 2 weeks in Grahamstown on Tuesday afternoon, in our cleanest dirty clothes. It felt like a long time to be away and, despite the hospitality we got from Sean and Melinda, I nearly cried at the sight of my own bed. Wonderful neighbour Isabella had taken care of the cats, so they pretended not to notice I’d been gone a while.

I thought I would spend a day or two just kind of resting and unpacking and preparing for a 5-day market next week in Napier, but it hasn’t worked out that way. I’ve had to cancel the market (sorry, Suzette) and have to go back to Johannesburg on the weekend, and don’t know for how long. I really dislike the place, plus the business that necessitates my presence is deeply unpleasant. There are other family matters here at home that I need to deal with, so how I’m going to be in two places at once is a mystery that maybe only Superwoman or the Virgin Mary can advise on. Dealing with my sciatica will also have to go on the backburner until I can fit in a visit to Michelle, the most fantastic physiotherapist in the universe.

I did manage a couple of hours yesterday experimenting with fabric and fedoras.

fedoras fedora 2

Other than this, all crafting activity is on hold until further notice!


15 thoughts on “home is where the [Jam] Tart is

  1. katechiconi

    I’ll be thinking of you, and crossing all capable fingers and toes that things will resolve with minimum fuss and maximum speed. Are those hats crushable? Would they travel in a parcel, to Australia, for example…?

  2. Gail

    Sorry you had to cancel Napier, I was hoping to visit you there. Hope all is sorted out with minimum disruption. xxx

  3. kathrynrubidoux

    Lovely hat, and I agree with a previous poster, a squishable hat would be a lovely thing to have. I hope your time in Johannesburg goes smoothly and if you need to talk or vent, know that I am here. I may be twitchy and high-strung, but I’m still here.


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