still playing with….

…fedoras and fabric. I’ve found it’s possible to stitch bias binding around the edge of the brim (very very carefully and slowly, with Gemsy), and I think it’s worth the effort.

fed 4 fed 1 fed 2 fed 3

I think I’ll wear one of these when I nip down to Pick n Pay later for my supplies – see if I can draw a response from anyone. I tried that a while back with a very over-the-top pixie hat, was expecting to be fallen on by hundreds of people braying with excitement and desire…  Not one. Not a single one. I even lurked longer in the chocolate aisle, hoping to give similar-minded customers the opportunity to see the hat. Still nothing. I hummed round the dairy section, flicking my head around a bit, pretending to be deliberating over the ricotta. Nada. Knocked the wind right out of my sails. But today – today we try again !

13 thoughts on “still playing with….

  1. Sharon Evans

    Love this Fedora. Stunning colour combos too Jill. You are becoming quite the sensation. If people don’t notice you in Pick ‘n Pay… step across the mall to Woollies. Their customers are in clothes shopping moods usually. I bet you’ll get noticed! Wear an outlandish top too!

  2. katechiconi

    I think the problem is that your hats are simply too tasteful. I reckon one in a nice gold lame or sequin fabric ought to attract plenty of attention… Gorgeous black floral one, by the way!

  3. Gail

    Love love your hats. Maybe the hip hop and happening hat buying people don’t shop at Pick ‘n Pay. Its probably more of a beanie wearing and buying crowd. The Waterfront would probably be a good option. Take a selection of hats along and model them while handing out business cards! So sad I was not able to join you for lunch yesterday. xxx


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