nine west gone south

Yesterday I got my hands on a pair of stunning knee-length black leather Nine Wests, and for an excellent price. Man, are they nice. And flat. I can only wear flats now, because the old feet and legs won’t rise to the occasion any more (they’re very cross with me because I abused them in my 20s with too much wearing of platforms and/or kitten heels, so now they’re fighting back.)

nine 1

Only problem is – and I’ve had this before with boots –  the calves aren’t wide enough for my legs and I can’t get the zips up all the way. NO – WAIT, dammit! Let me look at this from another angle – the boots have been cut extremely badly, designed by people who don’t have real women in mind. The problem thus lies with them, not me.

I must put these boots right.  I must unpick them down the back seam until they slip like butter over my calves.

nine 2

I must insert a v-shaped piece of black corduroy and hold it in place with staples.

nine 3

I must stitch down over the leather through the corduroy close to the edge (one needs an industrial sewing machine to do this), and trim the loose bits . I must dab black fabric paint over the stitching because I was too impatient to change the reel from cream to black.

thurs 14 april

And finally, I must stick a bit of black lace over the raw edges of the leather where I sliced it open, using fabric glue, to complete the job. I must peg it all in place to dry nice and smooth (the glue becomes colourless as it dries).


And there you have it – how not to take shit from boot designers :-)

boots 4


10 thoughts on “nine west gone south

  1. katechiconi

    They are really gorgeous and your design solution is ingenious AND stylish. About 10 years ago, when I lived in a big city where winter happened and wearing black was de rigueur, I searched *forever* for a pair of long black boots that would fit over my, ahem, muscular calves. One day, I found my dream boots. Down the inside of each calf, from top to sole, was a wide stripe of ribbed leather which cunningly concealed elastic. No zips, no calf muffin tops, well concealed kankles. They cost a fortune, but knowing I’d never find another pair as good, I bought two pairs. I still have them, they still fit, only now I live in a climate where knee length boots are for loonies and style victims. One day, I’ll wear them again. Maybe…

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I have occasionally bought 2 of something when I know I’m never going to come across the opportunity again (I have 2 pairs of green cross mary janes, they were on sale as well, even better), and have cursed the times I haven’t done that. I’m not entirely sure these are stylish, but I usually wear boots with longer skirts so I figure no-one will see my crude attempts at the back.
      I hope you get to wear your boots again one day, even if it’s just around the house on Saturday nights :-)

  2. tgonzales

    Hi Jill! What a great post! I have the same problem with boots too, but have never had the nerve to cut into a pair to add a gusset (as my Mom would say). I loved that you worked with what you had to make the boots for. By the way they look adorable on you! Great work! Love and hugs, Tamara

  3. Gail

    Lovely boots. Very impressed with your zip modifications. I have the same problem with boots. Was so excited a while ago when my granddaughter, whose feet used to be my size, was given a pair of boots. She told me I could have the boots when she outgrew them, but sadly the top is much too small for me.

  4. Gwenni

    Now I know who to ask for help when I find a pair of boots that don’t go fit my fat calves, actually none of them do! Maybe these boots are designed for stick insects? You’re such a clever woman.


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