old crock

Someone gave Karen a crock pot back in the 70s and she’s just passed it on to me. So retro, with its funky font and distinctive orange!  She raves about how wonderful crock pot cooking is so I’m not clear why she’s lost interest. Maybe if I start using it with great success and happiness, she’ll rethink her kind gesture and ask for it back.

crock 1

My first attempt was beef mince with tomatoes, onions, chillies and sweetcorn, which my recipe book calls Mexican Mince. It doesn’t seem particularly Mexican to me, or at least no more than anything else that is spicy, so it was probably the alliteration that appealed to the editor. If I was Mexican and people kept doing that with the names of dishes, I’d get really annoyed.

Six and half hours later, the grub has turned out very well – tasty with a slight kick, crispily hugging the sides of the pot round the top edge but nice and moist in the middle, and the sweetcorn gives it a nice boost. In the disappointing way that afflicts all amateur food pics, however, it looks absolutely disgusting in my photo.

crock 2

If I make this one again, I’d add pinto beans and a bit more chilli, but I’m pretty satisfied that my first CP try was a good one.  And I guess now I’ll find out whether Karen really does read all my posts like she says….


15 thoughts on “old crock

  1. Gail

    Sounds yum. I go through phases with my crock pot, should really dust it off and use it more often. I used to cook oxtail in it when I was still working and ox tail was not as expensive as it is now. Will wait for your cooking recommendations.

  2. Gwenni

    I have been using my slow cooker a lot over the last few months. Last night we had short ribs done in the slow cooker and the men in the house just lived it. I’m thinking of buying jibe with a timer now.

      1. Gwenni

        I have a recipe book but Google has been my friend! People posting their own recipes. 😃

  3. kathrynrubidoux

    A little known fact: food photographers don’t always use real food in their photos, or they add certain things to the product to make it look a certain way but makes it inedible. Funky crockpot, you’re so in Vogue!

  4. onoodlesstitchcraft

    No fuss cooking is my kind of cooking. Love the fact your new pot is genuinely retro. Brown food in a brown pot is never going to be photogenic Jill! It sounds really tasty tho! Love my slow cooker. Even done rice pudding in it!


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