My bedroom in the new/old house comes with a particularly ugly black metal light fitting, so it was on The List to replace it at some stage. Most minor things like this will have to wait in the wings because we’ve prioritised repainting the roof and the exterior, updating the alarm system, and having the driveway paved. I also had a fitted wardrobe and cupboards installed in my bedroom. All far more costly endeavours than I’d anticipated…!

The house painters are Andre and Coralie-Ann, a husband and wife team with endless patience, know-how, common sense, and initiative. While we were wandering round outside yesterday looking at what has to be attended to, I waved my hand disparagingly at two ancient light fittings that were hanging off cup hooks on a beam of the patio roof, purely as decoration.  And those can go, I said, there’s enough rubbish lying around here as it is. 

Andre leapt up and took them down (he’s both tall and agile!). One of them turned out to be pretty heavy, so I had a closer look. Hoo ha!! Turns out it’s solid brass, and who doesn’t like a bit of that here and there? I apologised silently to the previous owner, because clearly she’s a woman of excellent taste and antique hunting skills.

My project, then, for this National Women’s Day, 9 August 2016, is to get this baby clean and shiny. The rewiring part will be for Andre :-)

brass 1

brass 2


7 thoughts on “brassy

  1. The Snail of Happiness

    I’ve just had some real success with cleaning brass using a very simple recipe and no elbow grease: white vinegar (half a cup), salt (one teaspoon) and flour (enough to make it into a paste). All you do is dissolve the salt in the vinegar, add enough flour to get a spreadable consistency, smear the paste on your brass, leave for 10 minutes and then wipe/rinse off and dry. It worked really well on my old brass jam pan.


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