holes in walls 2

It’s been a bigger and far messier job than I’d anticipated, but progress is definitely being made:

bed 5

An unforeseen problem with convoluted water pipes has forced a couple of changes from the original plan, and Anwar has had to pop out quickly for different taps. I’ve been to Plumb Crazy twice in the last couple of days and I’ll be happy to never see the inside of it ever again so I was delighted when he offered to go, prompted no doubt by my wretched expression. Bathroom fittings do not excite me in any way.

You will notice the very pretty handpainted tiles (above the toilet) that were a gift to the previous owner from her sister-in-law, on a trip to Portugal, so I’m happy that we’ll be able to leave them intact.

Another unforeseen problem was the self-removal (!!) of huge chunks of plaster from the adjacent wall, when the new doorway was being banged out. Luckily Anwar’s crew can turn their hand to a range of jobs, so the wall was replastered and skimmed almost immediately.

bed 4

And when I saw how nice that wall was going to look, I asked Maanie to do the whole room. Luckily the sun is shining, so it shouldn’t take more than three days to dry out properly.

bed 6

7 thoughts on “holes in walls 2

  1. katechiconi

    Gorgeous tiles! And at first I thought you had lovely lead-light glass in your windows until I look more closely and realised it was a security grille outside!

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Those burglar bars are on the inside, actually, and are very shoddy. As is the window frame itself. House break-ins being so common here, I will have to do something about both very soon. Those old bars would take even a first-time criminal only 2 seconds to remove!

  2. gentlestitches

    Gahhhhh!!!! The hard bit. Followed by the ahhh!! (lovely) bit. Plumbing fixtures don’t excite you? Me either. Plastering comes up so beautifully. I was married to a plasterer once, I remember he always finished with style. :-D ps. Glad you got to keep the tiles. I must say, tiles DO excite me. <3


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