slow going

Frustration is my middle name right now…very minor progress made in the last couple of days, and all I can really show you is my bathroom vanity.

bath 5

The old sink had to go, and whatever replaced it had to be quite small.

This is a little table/drawer thing that my grandfather made shortly after immigrating to South Africa from Switzerland in the 1930s. It came to me in Cape Town in time to be used as my telephone table at Linden Park for many years, and I really liked the idea of remodelling something old and valued instead of just buying something new for the sake of it.  Anwar brought out his wood cutting tools and fitted the basin and mixer tap just perfectly. The drawer is no longer a drawer, obviously, just the front of the original one.

Three coats of pale grey Velvaglo later, it makes me happy just to look at it.


Thanks, Oupa. I hope you don’t mind the upgrade!


8 thoughts on “slow going

  1. kathrynrubidoux

    It’s gorgeous! There was a trend here a few years back where people were using pottery bowls fitted with drains for their basins. It was neat to see all the variations, your basin reminds me of those.


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