FO: beaded boho scarf

Finished object: ta da! Started here and very pleased with the result :-)  Decided to get fancy with some multicoloured beads to go with the whole vibrant boho look, as well.



I threaded the beads on and crocheted them into the last row on the two shorter sides, then added a slightly bigger red sputnik glass bead on both corners. Cape Town gets windy in winter, you know!- don’t want my scarf getting blown off….



14 thoughts on “FO: beaded boho scarf

  1. yarnchick40

    Absolutely stunning! I’m so happy you were able to try some Opal. It’s difficult to find here too, but oh such a joy to work with! I’m hoarding a half skein leftover from several years ago for just the ‘right’ project. Love that you added the beads too! xox

  2. kathrynrubidoux

    Hey! That turned out pretty cool, I really like the beads you added. You should write down what you did, might be a good pattern to have on hand for gifts or to sell.

    On another note, I have been writing you, so if you aren’t getting my mails maybe I ended up in your spam folder or some nonsense like that.


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