shopping for plants

Desperate to take advantage of the season and start getting the garden blooming, I headed out last week to Bloemendal Nursery in Philadelphia (yes, we also have a Philadelphia here!), owned by a friend of mine and her husband. It’s a peaceful rural spot and, once away from the highways and city noise and traffic, I can understand why people who live in the country always seem happier than those of us who don’t.

I hadn’t quite realised the extent of the nursery, however.  I made a goodly selection of plants and seedlings from my first stop…


…only to find another meadow-sized section of nursery…


…and then a further eight fields! Quite a range of plants to choose from, but luckily I had Heather’s advice on what would grow best where. Let’s just say I came home with a fully-packed car. But not before I was offered coffee and lunch (thanks, Fiona and Charlie), and came across a few herds of these bad boys:


Worst nightmare = locusts. Live ones. Live, moving, rustling ones. In packs.  shudder 

8 thoughts on “shopping for plants

  1. katechiconi

    Ours don’t have the jazzy stripes, they’re just dull brown bastards. What a great plant nursery, though, and very well laid out and shaded. Are you going to post your plantings?


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