not much to show

Not much to show for the last few days.  There’s been so much shit happening on so many political levels here, the sense of impending major chaos is draining. And it never rains but it pours – other emotional taxes have been weighing heavily, too. The upside (if it can be called that) to all this is that one tends to find greater pleasure in the smaller things…a sweet goodnight whatsapp from Alex, new buds on the new hydrangeas and gazanias, Col’cacchio’s divine pizza on the couch with Rob to accompany the final episode of One Of Us, lots of lovely birthday wishes from friends…nothing to be taken for granted.

But I did manage to [almost] finish two things: (a) an order from a friend in Somerset West for a patchwork throw for his bed;


212 by 255 cms of browns and creams and greys and honeys, with a bit of mustard and blue for contrast. I’ve used fairly heavyweight upholstery fabrics and I can barely lift the damn thing. I’ve started on the second one for him, a larger but lighter-weight one in yellows and creams and mustards.

and (b) a blanket for my own bed, started 5 years ago and forgotten about until I had to pack up house. A row here and a row there and before I knew it, the thing was huge!


Not sure whether to work a row or two of dc down the sides or not, just can’t decide. It doesn’t look right, but it also doesn’t look right without anything. Also really really heavy. And also all the ends to sew in.





12 thoughts on “not much to show

  1. katechiconi

    Birthday wishes! And I’m glad to see you’re still doing that ‘patchwork stuff’ you’ve been trying so hard to resist! It’s a great bedspread, beautiful colours…

      1. katechiconi

        Nothing says the pieces have to be different sizes and shapes. What do you think hexie quilts are? Yup, loads of the same shape sewn together… Hah hah, you’re doing patchwork!

  2. The Snail of Happiness

    Happy birthday! What lovely things you have made – and huge too!
    I continue to try to avoid “the news” – it is simply too depressing – but I love news of quilts stitched, blankets hooked, projects completed and pizza eaten :)


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