a dung beetle walked into a bar…

What’s going on around here? Not a whole lot of anything especially exciting, which is why I haven’t posted for a while. There’s the usual stuff – making patchwork bedspreads, screenprinting this and that, trying to survive the heatwave, etc – and a bit of new stuff – doing some freelance content development for a community upliftment project. I’m enjoying it and it’s forcing me to manage my time better. That can only be a good thing, right?!


So, I feel I should tell you a joke, in lieu of interesting news.

A dung beetle walked into a bar, looked around and said, Is this stool taken?



10 thoughts on “a dung beetle walked into a bar…

  1. Patch

    Hee heee! It’s all about bodily functions in my house…. The boys find them hilarious as you can imagine. Not sure this will work on them because it doesn’t actually feature the words “poo” or “wee”…. But I will test it at tea time!!

      1. Patch

        Nope, didn’t work. Even then oldest didn’t know what a “stool” was….. But does now so we might be in for a whole new lot of “poo” jokes!!

  2. Gail

    Ha x 2.
    When Chloe was younger, she used to love telling me a short story ‘Once upon a time, the end’. Then she asked if she could tell me a rude story ‘Once upon a time there was a wee and a pooh, the end’.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I’m worse with jokes. This is the best I can manage, and in a week’s time it’ll be a distant memory. If it’s a longer joke, I either screw up the punchline or the timing, or both.


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