mixed blessings

The good news is that Andrea loved her bedspread, this is the picture she sent me of her guest bedroom.


She has now asked me to make cushions with guinea fowl on them, and some pillow cases. She brought her friend Ruth (also Swiss) along on Saturday morning to the Country Craft market, and she has ordered a patchwork bedspread for her guest room (luckily the bed is more realistically sized than Andrea’s). I love Swiss people.

Other good news is that the gooseberry bushes are doing well – one better than the other, since it gets more sun, but good to know for next season. (All grown using grey water, fyi).


After Friday’s big rain, we had two hot days, and then another good rain during the night. February is usually the hottest month in Cape Town, but we at least have some water saved up now. I have had to relieve the tomato plant of her two offspring: she is completely drained and withered, and these girls clearly used up all her energy. Mothers of young children may remember this feeling well.


They are kind of beefy and dark and, let’s face it, are unlikely to end up in a salad. But they are something, and as such will sit on the kitchen counter for a while.

Other news: yesterday, at Kirstenbosch Market, a dog urinated on my leg. I was standing on my side of the table talking to a woman about pillow cases, when I felt a warm liquid running down my right leg. She had two dogs, on leads, and one had nosed under the tablecloth and, well, just made use of me. She apologised profusely and handed me her bottle of sparkling water to wash off my jeans and foot and sandal (I used it all!) and then we all sort of laughed. Her mother came along and told us that the dog had once lifted its leg against a woman’s shoulder while she was sitting on an otherwise-empty beach with her husband. Dogs. This is why I can live without them.

And not-so-good news: my phone got disappeared yesterday, while I was at the market. I’d either left it on the table (for maybe two or three seconds) or it got removed from the pocket at the front of the body bag I always wear. If something had to get nicked, I’d rather it was the phone than my cash, but it’s disheartening all the same. First errand of the day: get into nearest Vodacom shop and get a new sim card. I would hate to lose my number, I’ve had it for fourteen years.


16 thoughts on “mixed blessings

  1. katechiconi

    I hesitated before Liking this, the end of the story is so not likeable! It really is a tale of mixed blessings. Great news about the bedspread, but holy cow, it sure went downhill after that. I think I’d have been screaming at Dog Lady, especially as it turned out the verdamte Plas Hund had done it before….

  2. Gail

    Hope the dog made use of your leg after your phone disappeared. A wee on your body is supposed to bring good luck, so that will break your cycle of material losses. Nice bedspread news. xxx

  3. insearchofitall

    I could handle pretty much anything other than losing my phone. You sound much more calm than I would be. As for being peed on, the woman should take that dog home and never bring it out in public again. You handled that so well. Smart idea to relieve the mother plant of the her 2 suckers.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Well, phone ultimately found, so all is well. I try not to get upset about small things like phones – sometimes easier said than done! – but I have been relieved of certain items over the years that have upset me terribly and that still sadden me. When my grandmother died, my aunt most unexpectedly let me have her ruby ring; it was the only ring I ever saw her wearing, and was made by her brother-in-law (a goldsmith, obviously). I say ‘unexpectedly’ because she was already showing her mean side, and we were barely on speaking terms at that stage. Anyhow, I loved the ring and kept it in a safe place because it was too large for me; I was a student at the time, and had to save up some money to have it made smaller. By the time I did, the ring had disappeared. There was only one person who could have taken it, but she had given me a false address and there was nothing I could do. This was over 25 years ago!! But even just a couple of months back, I dreamed about an enormous flower from which I was peeling away the petals. The ring was inside. What the hell does that mean?!

      1. insearchofitall

        I think I go ask someone that understands dreams or someone that finds things. My step children stole many things from me but the earrings my mother gave me are still hard to think about. They were sold for drugs, I’m sure but could never convince their father.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      My phone was found – in the boot of a fellow trader’s car !!! He’d already got home when he found it, which is about ninety minutes from Cape Town, so I had to wait til he next came this way. Still, glad I got it back. I love that phone <3

      1. Nice piece of work Post author

        Well, Gavin (the trader) has recently had a big operation and he was feeling weak and poorly – he really should have been home in bed! Rob and I packed up our stand a bit early so we could help him pack up his, so my phone must have fallen out of the front of my bag while I was putting his leather wallets into a box.

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