Ruth’s bedspread

I was very disappointed to discover that the grey-water system in the new house only links to two bathrooms (one of which is seldom used). I couldn’t understand why so little water was coming out every day, as the washing machines (yes, two of them!) are in near-constant use, and also a hell of a lot of washing-up gets done around here. (Don’t look at me, and don’t ask. Just don’t).

So, under even tighter water restrictions, Rob fiddled around with some of the water outlet pipes and we now have an efficient – albeit rudimentary – “system”, involving lots of different-sized buckets carefully positioned over various drains. Twice a day, I decant from the bigger buckets into smaller buckets and go staggering round the garden with them trying to keep the plants alive. It’s very bad timing to have tendonitis in my right arm but how can you not use your right arm ffs, so I keep on regardless.

I don’t know how I got started on this, actually, but clearly I am obsessed with trying to get my garden growing the way I want it!! — I was planning to show you Ruth’s bedspread, which still needs a backing but will be ready in time for the market on Saturday.


She asked for shocking pink and navy, with a lighter blue and some grey here and there. I didn’t have anything useable in bright pink, so bought 2 metres of mediumweight linen and spread it out over the kitchen counter to break the solidity of it with some printing in whites and grey.


She’s also asked to make some little fabric containers – I guess something like this (found here), so I’ll have some fun playing around with that idea today.


9 thoughts on “Ruth’s bedspread

  1. Gwenni

    I totally love Ruth’s bedspread, the colours are divine! Also love the printing you did on the pink fabric. I can’t wait to see the pencil holders.

  2. The Little Room of Rachell

    Be careful Jill, I’ve just got over tendonitis in the knee and it was so painful. Better to rest the arm and lose the plants than aggravate it?
    Do you read Sue Grafton’s books? Henry, in the latest, went on and on about grey water in it. Interesting but get to the mystery will you Sue?!

  3. nanacathy2

    The bed spread is lovely, I really like the way the pink highlights the whole. My MIL was into grey water, the automatic washing machine emptied into various buckets. Staying round hers and doing some washing was a right performance, but sensible I suppose. From time to time when we have had hose pipe bans, Mr E has rigged up some Heath Robinson devices to get bathwater into the garden, invlolving hoses into water butts!

  4. katechiconi

    For some unknown reason WP has decided I don’t need to see your new posts any more… So I came over here thinking it was a while since we’d heard from you, and behold! A post I hadn’t seen. It’s a great bedspread – I do love the navy/pink combo, as you probably know… Right, off to unfollow and then refollow you so hopefully I’ll get notifications again.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Glad you like it. The customer just texted me (she was ill on Saturday and couldn’t collect so her friend delivered to her), and she says she loves it BUT IT’S TOO SMALL. I was SO careful to follow her measurements to the centimetre, and think she may in fact have measured her bed incorrectly. Grrrr….


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